ZNP-10P, 10 Ton Steel Base Bottle Jack With Gauge

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Bottle Jack, 10 ton, Steel Base with force gauge. Designed to distinctly display the force output by the jack on a large 4" gauge, a Powerful heavy-duty jack that is ideal for use in the automotive, machinery and construction industry. Heavy duty hydraulic bottle jack; ideally used in automotive, machinery, and construction industry; steel base; 10 ton capacity.

Special Features:

  • Welded steel construction throughout reduces metal fatigue allowing for a longer life
  • Unique base forging method increases resistance to high pressure and gives a degree of durability and performance not found in any other comparable product
  • ZN models are usable in multiple positions: upright, angled, or horizontal
  • Special grade steel results in high durability and helps to prevent rust
  • Casting, cylinder, and base are jointed by an electric welding method for high strength and to prevent leaking
  • Needle valve allows you to control the lowering of the ram
  • Heat-treated extension screws provide a low pickup height adjustment and maximum lift height

    Country of Origin: Japan
More Information
Capacity (Tons) 10
Minimum Height (in) 9.45
Maximum Heights (in) 18.50
Ram Lift (in) 5.90
Screw Extension (in) 3.15
Base Area (in) 5.90 x 5.51
Weight (lbs) 24.000000
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